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Month: September 2018

The Little Author Is Debuting October 1st !

Monday, My Brother Was a T-Rex will be coming out on Kindle October 1st 2018.

A New Author On The Horizon


With October 1st just around the corner I am getting ready for the big day when little author pushes the button to publish her first EBook! The paperback version has been delayed due to the flu bug ravishing little author and spreading through the household but should be available by October 8th, just in time for Thanksgiving, that’s right little author is Canadian. Keep watching for upcoming giveaways and fun activities as we celebrate the release!

My Little Author

The Last Page Of Monday, My Brother Was A T-Rex. Expected release date October 1st, 2018.

Book 1 Is Finally Done.

As I started the journey of publishing children’s books, I had no idea that I would have the opportunity to bring others with me. I am very proud to announce that my little story-teller is publishing her very first book October 1st 2018 and joining the 4 generations of story tellers before her. I am so proud of the work and dedication she put into this project, from the story itself to the final formatting she was there making sure everything was the way she envisioned it. If you would like to purchase a copy on October 1st and support her dream please follow the amazon link proved on the sidebar.

It Is Snowing In September!

When the first snow of the year arrives the only thing you can do is head outside to play.

When you live in Canada playing in snow is a fact of life. The characters from my books had a great time playing in the snow, what did your littles do today?

New Book Expected To Launch This October

The Fourth Generation of Published Authors is Arriving Soon.

As her great-grandmother, grandmother and mother before, Allie Baba, (pen name) already has the passion for story telling at the age of 7. Her first book is a story about her little brother being a dinosaur one Monday morning. This hilarious story about a grumpy little brother is sure to be a favorite of children and parents alike.

The Little Flower Begins To Sell.

Three Days After The Release

The Little Flower was released September 6th 2018 and sales began within hours. With the campaign to advertise and promote the book on a larger scale coming up at the end of the month I am pleased that the book is currently averaging 5 sales a day. If you would like purchase a copy click on the image above for the link.

The Little Flower Launch

Today after 53 years the story loved by educators, parents and children was released in a paperback version.

The story of a little flower who is rejected by her own kind for being different has been passed around classrooms and told to children for over half a decade. This timeless classic story has withstood the test of time and for the first time is being released to the public through