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Month: January 2020

M. Borington’s Booktorium Has Found Another Free Book In This Series!

M. Bouringon has found another free download in this series today. Did you download the previous 2 books? Make sure you follow us on Facebook @M.BoringtonsBooktoruim so you don’t miss a chance to download any of the books we find.

A Free Children’s Ebook Every Day At M. Borington’s Booktorium.

This month M. Borington’s Booktorium has shared 20 free titles with us and we are thankful for the authors that have given us this gift to expanded our library. Our favourite place to be is cuddled together reading and with the free books everyday we have been cuddling more then ever. I hope you are downloading your books and enjoying them with your little ones as well. Please keep checking back as we add new free ebooks all year long.

M. Borington’s Booktorium Has Found 19 Free Children’s Books For you To Download In The First Half Of January!

Since January 1st M. Borington’s has found 19 free books for you to download! Have you gotten your copies? Click the links above to download your free copies today and continue checking back throughout the year to find more free books.

M. Borington’s Booktorium Adds New Free Ebooks To The Shelves.

We are still stuck in the house because the weather outside is frightful, are we bored? Of course not, M. Borington has been keeping us busy with free new books every day. Today M.Borington has found 2 free titles for our little ones, we have downloaded our copies and we hope you will download yours as well.

Where Can You Find Links To Free Ebooks For Children All Year Long? M. Borington’s Booktorium!

Today M. Borington is adding 4 new titles to the Booktorium Bookshelf! It’s cold outside and our favourite way to spend cold days is to cuddle on the couch and read! Even if it isn’t cold outside, reading is always a great way for us to connect every day. With 4 free titles to choose from, why not download one or all 4 and spend some time reading with your little ones?

Want more free ebooks for your little ones? Follow M. Borington’s Booktorium on Facebook.

M. Borington’s Booktorium Has A New Free Book On the Shelves!

In the past 10 days M. Borington has added 9 free titles to the bookshelves of the Booktorium. Are you downloading yours? Today’s free book has over 70 positive reviews and we are sure it will delight your little ones too. Please download your copy and keep checking back for more free titles all year.

M. Borington’s Booktorium Adds A New Free Title – Jan. 9

Reading a book to your child gives them a head start in life long learning. M. Borington wants to help you give your child this head start by offering free downloads all year in 2020. Please download our latest title at the link above and follow us on our fb page to keep up to date with what M. Borington’s Booktorium is offering.

We appreciate all the authors who have worked hard on the titles we are offering you and want to thank them for offering their books to us for free. If you fall in love with one of the titles on M. Borington’s Booktorium please consider leaving the author a review, a few moments of you time means the world to an author.

M. Borington’s Booktorium Free Book Of the Day.

M. Borington is hard at work this week trying to find more titles for your little ones libraries. Today’s title is a cute book that helps your little ones overcome fears. What are monsters afraid of? Click the link above to download your free copy and find out.