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Month: March 2020

Free Ebook For Children.

With schools all over the world closing down and parents struggling to find a way to occupy their children, the least I can do is offer my Ebook for free. Over the next few weeks I will be trying to post other free resources to help keep your little ones occupied during these hard times.

Please take time to download your free Ebook and check back for more free books and resources during the week.

During the Covid-19 crisis don’t forget those who have always helped others.

The world is going through difficult times and our churches are facing financial difficulties as well. Weather you are religious or not you have to respect those who have always given more then they have had to help those in need. Now they are the ones who need help and it is my hope that their giving will come back to them 10 fold.

Why give to them in a time when there is such a need across the world? Because they have been helping those in need long before the crisis. Donating to them ensures that they can continue to give to others as we navigate through this pandemic. It ensures that once we get through this they will still be here helping those in need.

This is very close to me because it is family and I have watched them spend their last dollar providing for the less fortunate in their community. Weather you can afford to donate or you can only take the time to share, we would appreciate your help at this time. May we all band together and help one another in a world that seems unsure.


M. Borington Has Found Another Free Ebook!

Things have been busy within our family but we are still delicates to finding as many free books as we can this year. Today we have found a book about vaccinations! Many children suffer from anxiety when it comes to needles, this book can help them open the conversation. Download it for free today and start the conversation.