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Patrick Platypus Can’t Wear a Mask. Free colouring Page.


Did you know that wearing a mask has been shown to help prevent the spread of COVID-19? Staying at home, social distancing and washing/sanitizing your hands is still the best way to prevent the spread but if you have to go out wearing a mask can help you prevent spreading the virus to others. Patrick the Platypus can’t wear a mask but you can. Download this free colouring page patrick-platypus-mask-1.pdf and help your little ones spread knowledge instead of COVID-19.


We Stay Home Just Like Patrick The Platypus.


We are starting our homeschool day by colouring our #stayinghome colouring page of Patrick The Platypus to hang in our window. Download yours and hang it in your window so others can see the difference we are all making in the fight against covid-19. We will be providing free colouring pages every week for your little ones until things in the world return to normal every day activities so please come back and take advantage of our small gift from our family to yours.


What Will You Write On My Wall Today? Free Colouring Page.


With Halloween over we have started our regular routine again but we we’re missing our daily colouring page giveaway so we have decided to keep posting them weekly for now. Please keep checking our website for new activities this month.

Kindness is a superpower we all have, what is your super power? Have your child colour this page and share it on to spread the kindness.

* Parents, please remember to keep your children safe online, is a public site. Never post your child’s full name .